CPLA Products

Discover Best Variety of all CPLA Products EN13432 Only at TGP Solution!

     Supplying excess of cutlery items is common, but offering such goods made of different material like PLA / plastic straws, and CPLA products for various applications; that’s what bring any brand, or retail shop in the lime light.

    The EN.TGP solution is the most popular name in market for providing extensive variety of all cutlery items made of different materials. We are recognized as leading CPLA products EN13432 supplier in industry, credit goes to our dedicated team of specialists with pro-active experience in this industry.

What Our CPLA Product is All About?

     Our manufactured CPLA cutlery products are usually a combination of PLA (70-80%), chalk (20-30%) and other biodegradable additives. The PLA crystallization makes CPLA products withstand high temperatures up to 85°C without deforming.

    Once crystallized, it doesn’t remain transparent any more, but mat white. We add charcoal to get that black color in our CPLA cutlery for coffee cups lids. This does not conflict with overall composting properties of CPLA.

What we have in CPLA Products?

    In CPLA products, we manufacture;

·        CPLA bowl and bowl lid

·        CPLA soup bowl and lid

·        CPLA plate

·        CPLA straw

·        CPLA spoon

    All of our CPLA products EN13432 are 100% compostable and biodegradable, as they meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Standard, well for earth and soil. Your satisfaction is our final target. With this slogan in mind, we try our best to make our products secure and reliable for you as they’re

·        FDA Certified, BPA free, healthy, & reliable

·        Made from cornstarch based CPLA, renewable and natural

·        6.5″ long, Heavyweight, Heat tolerant to 185

·        7″ long, Heavyweight, Heat tolerant to 185

·        Contains 100 forks 100 spoons 100knives packed in respective compostable color box

    Any product question or suggestion? Kindly drop us your message we will try our best to revert you, and find your solution.