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     Running cutlery business but didn’t offer biodegradable utensils? You never know when your customers might demand biodegradable cutlery more than regular one, since majority of eatery firms nowadays need disposable items for safe and convenient use.

     TGP solution provides durable and long-lasting Pla cutlery biodegradable which is made from a crystallized PLA resin derived renewable resource. Our manufactured cutlery is fully compostable and biodegradable within 100 days in properly maintained compost facilities.

     We make eco-friendly products like PLA straw compostable that is best to use for; cafeterias, restaurants, business functions, festivals, catering, and trade shows etc. At TGP, you’ll discover what in trend today, as single-use plastic utensils are on their way out. Besides, there are plenty of alternatives in biodegradable cutlery, and we have them all.

     Whether your demand is for casual, elegant, or in between, we own a wide array of eco-friendly utensils made from different material including renewable plant starch cutlery, wood or recycled content utensils, tasting spoons and sporks, wrapped sets and even serving utensils.

     Since our manufactured PLA straw compostable are known for incredible sustainability and durability, this makes them ideal alternative to traditional plastic straws. Our plastic straws are made from PLA, a Corn Bi-Product.

Why to Consider Our Products?

Because our biogrdable cutlery items are:

·        Eco Friendly Tested / BPI Certified 100% Compostable - Our eco-friendly cutlery combo set is BPI certified which fulfils USA & European ASTM D6400 & EN13432 high standards. We ensure environmental friendliness as our utensils are made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. On other hand, our recyclable packaging is plastic free.


·        Long Size Utensils With Convenient Tray – Now your customers won’t need to fumble with small disposable utensils. Our large compostable Knives (120), Forks (140), and Spoons (120) – provides a firm grip while cutting or scooping through hard frozen foods


·        Sturdy With Premium Feel & High Heat Resistance - Our unique procedure makes expendable ecofriendly forks (140), spoons (120) and blades (120) with an exceptional matte completion intended to be tough and hot nourishment well-disposed up to 212 °F!

In short, we've got exactly what you're looking for! We bet you will be totally satisfied by our safe, environmentally friendly PLA cutlery & straw compostable biodegradable for picnics, bbq party, lunches, camping, catering, wedding and restaurants.

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