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      If you are currently using PLA or looking for new sustainable materials, then we can help you make more sustainable products of uncompromising quality, as we excel in manufacturing PLA modified materials for diversified applications.

      Plastics products may take up to thousand years to compost while our provided PLA products compost within three to six months in a composting system. The PLA modified material which we provide can bear up to 185 F. They are best to use for coffee, hot soup, and other hot beverages. They are also compostable.

What Else?


       Majority of our coffee lids and cutlery products and are made from PLA modified material which is also called CPLA. Our modified PLA material doesn’t offer high heat tolerance, and can tolerate only up to 110 F. In this way, we make our cutlery items including blade, spoon, fork, stirrer, testing spoon and espresso covers and so forth from adjusted PLA.

      Furthermore, we're additionally known producers of polylactic corrosive (PLA) tars, and plastic materials for expelled froth, cast or blown film/sheet and infusion shaping applications.

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