Looking for Long Lasting CPLA OK Compost?  We have What You Need

     TGP Solution is the market leading company in China that mainly deals in providing quality guaranteed, and long-lasting biodegradable cutlery items including CPLA OK Composts at best prices.  Our PLA resin is OK Compost, and BPI certified material.

     After one use, they will be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil, and not harmful for environment. Our manufactured CPLA is among the best compostable material to replace plastic in many fields.

What Our Product's Range Include?

      We own diversified range of CPLA raw materials. Our catering disposables are manufactured from a variety of plant-based materials. We use board, paper, and pulp, but main difference lies in we don’t use conventional plastics.

     Our cutlery range is made from CPLA a bio based and compostable bioplastic deriving from renewable vegetable sources such as; corn, starch, corn and sugar beet. The raw material is crystalized during production process of cutlery, to resist temperatures till, 90° and to combine high-heat resistance in accordance with environmental standard.

     Our ensured disposables can be additionally recognized by the seedling logo or OK fertilizer logo. The two logos show that the disposables are as per EN-13432 and acknowledged in the green waste canister.

    Our high-heat resistible CPLA Ok compost cutlery is intended for use with both hot and cold fluids and is appropriate for nourishment and fluids up to 185 degrees (F) (bubbling water). This cutlery is an incredible earth-accommodating expansion for your fruitful zero-squander occasions. 

     We bet, you won’t get such prolific and convenient alternative anywhere else!