Get the Best Wet Wipe Package Solution Only From TGP Solution!

      TGP Solution is the name that is known for providing all what any cutlery related business entrepreneur could ask for. Our high performance wet wipes package ensure your personal care products stay well protected.

      At TGP, we own advanced solutions that are engineered to lock moisture in, and keep wet wipes products away from drying out. Moreover, our sealant materials are particularly chosen for their ability to effectively seal through liquid contaminates which are often associated with wet wipe product packaging.

     Besides, we strive hard to retain the product freshness with superior barrier properties, and strong seal performance.

What Makes Our Product Unique?

     The wet wipes package which we provide, can said to be just the right size for one use, not heavily saturated neither excessively dry to the point it doesn't clean. They can be used for offices, diaper bag, hand bags, and children’s backpack, etc.

     Our wet wipes stay fresh, clean scented, and moist so your customers will find them always useful. We have made our name renown as pioneers in creating innovative, attractive, and reclosable packs using adhesive labels or accurately applied plastic lids.

     These soft quality wet wipes are also widely used for cosmetic, household use, and other hygienic applications.

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